Wednesday, January 2, 2008


January 2008

My iTunes: Giovinette Che Fate All'Amore from Mozart's "Don Giovanni"

There is something about the bright colors of candy that seems timeless in a way. Our parents and grandparents probably bought brightly colored lollipops for a penny when they were kids, and candy still hasn't gone out of style (though some health-conscious parents may think it should). Seeing candy in a candy shop, or especially in an old-fashioned country store like the one I took this picture in, just reminds me of my childhood and makes me wonder what it was like to be a kid 50 years ago, or if the kids 50 years from now will have some of the same experiences I had. I'll bet that sugar highs at age 5 are definitely going to be around...

I thought I would try something a bit more abstract with the filters and editing on this picture. I went really abstract when I was playing with it and it ended up looking like something Picasso or Dali would have painted. I go back and forth with my feelings on heavily edited photos. Sometimes the editing really makes the picture, but then other times I miss the feeling that a picture gives of a snapshot of time and the truthfulness to life. There must be a happy medium somewhere, right?

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