Thursday, December 13, 2007

twinkle lights

Twinkle Lights
December 2007

My iTunes: Die Zauberflote by Mozart

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is putting up the lights and then seeing them each night. Before I hung these around my door, I decided to do a little photo shoot...

I just got a new opera to listen to: "Die Zauberflote" or "The Magic Flute." Unfortunately, when it arrived in the mail, the plastic case was broken into a million little shards. But for the $3 it cost, including shipping, I figured I still got more than I would have through iTunes and I'll just keep the CDs. It's too much hassle to try to send them back at Christmas time.

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Lizzy said...

Pretty Pic! I liked yesterday's too, by the way. :o) How are you doing now, my dear? Happy to have finals done?