Sunday, December 30, 2007

the hat lady

The Hat Lady
December 2007

My iTunes In Uomini, In Soldati from Mozart's "Cosi Fan Tutte"

I just finished installing the printer-scanner-copier-faxer I got for Christmas. Why is it that technology sometimes seems like more trouble than it's worth? At least the printer installed... I can't say the same for the driver software for the new cell phone I got as well (the old one was the freebie almost 3 years ago, so old it isn't even listed online anymore, and something inside it rattled when I shook the phone). Eventually it'll all work, right?

This is another picture of the same friend in "Girl in a Red Hat." This was another hat she tried on in the antique shop that day. I set out in Photoshop to try to make her look kind of like a statue, but then realized that too much hair and not enough neck was showing for the look I had originally envisioned, so I went with this instead. Kind of fun.

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