Friday, March 6, 2009

new england visit: take 4.

I doubt that this shot will give a hint as to where I went, but I like it anyway so it will be today's post.  Pictures of benches always make me think of my friend Anna.

Bravo to JC for guessing the state (Connecticut).  I find it rather amusing that I will be moving to a state with my initials.  Even funnier because one of my professors calls me "CT", which he believes is short for "Chord Tone."  What can I say -- my life revolves around music.

Today's hint will be how old the university is: 308 years old.  Older than this country, which is a rather odd thought.

Today was very busy.  I left for class before 9:00 and was in classes or the MIDI lab until 6:00 with no break, then worked the closing shift at work.  I wish I could reward myself with a good night's sleep, but I have to come up with a thesis between now and my meeting tomorrow.  I've already pushed my luck a bit more than I'd like...

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JC said...

Okay... I'm gonna guess Yale.
Very nice shot, too :-)