Saturday, December 6, 2008

'tis the season

My iTunes: Quelque part on m'attend by Chiara Mastroianni & Benjamin Boilay

'Tis the season, and I spent a good part of last week baking, a luxury that I don't have as often as I'd like. Silly me, I forgot to take pictures, but I wanted to share a dessert-related shot anyway.

I know I said I was hoping to post some wedding pictures, and I promise I will, but I'm having a bit of computer difficulty (surprise, surprise). Because I don't trust my computer as far as I can throw it -- it has a history of crashing and taking with it everything on my harddrive -- I bought a new external harddrive on Black Friday and started moving all my files onto it. Wouldn't you know it, my computer decided to once again antagonize me and vindictively deleted all my music. "Aha!" I thought, "I thought you might pull a fast one on me, so I made BACK UP discs!" But, alas, I was thwarted again. The computer had made the discs unreadable. I have one more thing up my sleeve, a secret weapon I call a harddrive image, which I make as yet another form of backup each time I visit my parents. We will do battle again with that this weekend, and I hope to come out victorious. If not, I don't even want to think about the hundreds of dollars spent on iTunes music that went to the digital form of Davey Jones' Locker. Perhaps I shall make an effigy of my computer in retaliation...

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