Thursday, November 13, 2008

the pour house

The Pour House
November 2008

My iTunes: Spirate, pur Spirate by Donaudy

Yesterday was a sad, sad day -- the Pour House, the best coffee shop I have ever been to (and I've been to many coffee shops on multiple continents), closed its doors. I have so many memories there from the past 3 1/2 years, and it still hasn't quite hit me that they're closed. They were the first place I got to display my photography, and the owners are truly wonderful. I spent the last three days there. Yesterday, two of my three classes were canceled, and the third class was just me and my voice teacher, so we had class there. I was glad we could do that -- having coffee at the Pour House with her was one of the random things on my "Bucket List." I bought 3 lbs of coffee and espresso to continue my addiction.

I did an impromptu photoshoot there on Tuesday morning, and this is one of the shots. I'll probably be posting more as they're edited. But until then, farewell Pour House.


Robert said...

I know for me I take for granted such small businesses and expect that they'll always be there. I'm glad you had such wonderful memories there while it lasted.

(Sorry I've been such a stranger lately. Life is super busy still.)

Anna said...

:-( Such a cool place...