Thursday, October 2, 2008


October 2008

My iTunes: Ritorna Vincitor from Verdi's Aida

Today Robert put up two lovely macro shots with blown out backdrops that I really liked, so I thought I'd post this shot to continue in the blown-out trend for the day.

Busy day ahead: teaching two voice lessons, an exam, a meeting, a practice session, and a choir rehearsal. Well, I guess comparatively it's a relatively light day, but when I think about being booked solid from 12:40-6:00, it seems more full.

Happy October.


Lizzy said...

I really like this pic! The colors are awesome! :o)

Anna said...

I love the tilt!!! And the off-centered-ness"...


Robert said...

Well of course Anna would like the tilt. Duh! I like the color contrast here: the yellow and green of course but also the yellow and black created by the peeling paint. The graininess of the background gives it a timeless feeling. Well done.