Friday, October 17, 2008

flower in the abstract

Flower in the Abstract
October 2008

My iTunes: Tel jour, telle nuit: I. Bonne journée by Dalton Baldwin & Nicolai Gedda

This is a shot I grabbed while on one of my photoshoots this past weekend. And believe it or not, there's been no editing done to it. It's probably one of the 5 or so pictures I've ever posted without editing.

This weekend is the closing weekend for Aida. I'll miss hearing the amazing singers, but won't miss all the time spent taking off the body paint!

I have a new thing added to my to-do list: find a floor length black dress to wear for my choir solos. We had auditions yesterday afternoon for choir solos, and I was given three different parts. It should be fun!


Anna said...

I recognize this picture... It made a nice background for worship on Wednesday night :-)

JC said...

Beautiful :-) Best luck in your solo's and quest for a new dress!