Tuesday, September 18, 2007

stained glass friend

Stained Glass Friend
September 2007

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"Portrait of a Friend" was my latest assignment, so I took one of my friends to do a photo shoot in the little chapel on campus. It was fun playing with the effects of colored light and dimmed hues. This one is a bit more funky than the others because I used a "stained glass filter" to make it look like the picture is stained glass, with lots of little squares. It's a hard filter to use well, but I think it works here because of the real stained glass in the background.


Lizzy said...

This is a sweetly awesome pic. :o) I also liked the one where you put your glasses on the Bible. Did you bold the letters?

Anna said...

Hey girl! I am finally back up and posting! These have been great. I am so glad that I am back to see what you ahve been doing! Hope school is going well.